As a growing industry, domestic work has become exceedingly important as the “traditional family” structure is replaced by a more unconventional one. What once was the typical family setting—mother stays home with the children and father goes to work, has now been replaced with single parents and situations where both parents go to work everyday.

This article by @SethFW on highlights the work that Ai-jen Poo, domestic worker advocate and winner of The Macarthur Foundation’s “Genius” Award has done for this cause. Perhaps now, because of Ai-jen Poo’s work, the #nanny and #domestic industry will gain some clarity as to Domestic Worker’s Rights.

If you employ a domestic worker or ARE a domestic worker, this is a must-read: “Macarthur ‘Genius’ Ai-jen Poo: Organizing America’s Domestic Workers.

For more information on domestic workers’ rights in California and nationally, visit

Ai-jen Poo

Photo courtesy of Time Magazine