California is officially one of 4 States to successfully pass the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights in the United States. With other largely populated states such as New York, Hawaii and now Massachusetts supporting the Domestic Worker’s Bill, perhaps now the almost 2 million nanny and domestic worker’s who make up the domestic industry will gain clarity on their rights and responsibilities as Household Employees. To us, this means that our Los Angeles based Nanny Agency, will also be able to help educate Household Employer’s as to what is and isn’t acceptable in the household workforce. While it may be somewhat of a transition for those families who are already employing nannies and other domestic worker’s, we must start somewhere, in order to create a more viable domestic workplace environment.

We truly owe a very special thanks to Executive Director, Ai-jen Poo, who has worked tirelessly with the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance, to make this Domestic Worker’s dream into reality. Way to go Ai-jen! You too California!