This one’s for the nannies!  Do you ever find yourself running out of fun and creative ideas for you and your charges to do from time to time? It’s not always easy trying to keep the kids entertained all day long.  Well have no fear!  In light of wanting to keep our kids loving our nannies, we’ve decided to come up with some weekly tips on fun and exciting things to do with Nanny and what better way to start then by suggesting A Lemonade Stand!

lemonade stand

Start by making a table and decorative sign for your stand. Not only will your nicely decorated stand attract the local neighborhood kids but it will also take up a good portion of your day by having the kids make their signs.  You’ll also need the following for your Lemonade Stand:

1.   Table
2.   A large, bright sign to attract customers
3.   2-3 lemonade pitchers
4.   lots of ice (an ice cooler is ideal)
5.   plastic cups (on the smaller side, so you’re not pouring too much or you’ll run out of lemonade quickly!
6.   Change. Lots of $1.00 bills and quarters will likely be needed
7.   Perhaps some freshly baked cookies to go with the lemonade
8.   Finally, the magic ingredient: Lemonade! (Lemons+Purified Water+Sugar)

It’s a great idea to have 2-3 pitchers of lemonade already prepared, in case you have a lot of kids stop by at once (you never know)! You can also spice up your lemonade by adding lemon/lime slices or perhaps even some fresh berries. You’ll definitely want to test your lemonade out first to make sure it’s a little sweet and not too sour. Most importantly, keep it fun and also remember these important tips:

pretzels    cookies    krispie treats

  • NEVER EVER leave the kids at the lemonade stand unattended, even if you need to run inside to get change.  The last thing you need to worry about is someone stealing lemonade.
  • Be sure to get parents consent prior telling the kids of your idea and having the lemonade stand.
  • Don’t over charge for the lemonade. It’s supposed to be a fun, enjoyable experience for the kids and you want to attract people, which is half the fun! .10-.50 cents is reasonable.
  • If you plan your lemonade stand during the weekend, you’ll likely attract some additional children. You can even plan for your Lemonade Sale a day or two in advance by working on your banner/sign
  • Explain to your charges that not everyone will necessarily buy their lemonade and there may only be a few people, so they don’t get too disappointed if only a couple of people show up.
  • Consider baking something as well (brownies, cookies, cupcakes, rice krispy treats, etc.), which may make it more tempting for people to stop by and make a purchase. Remember, it may be hot outside, so pick your baked items, carefully.

Most importantly, remember to have fun and take lots of pictures for mom and dad!!