Although it doesn’t yet feel like it in Southern California, fall is, in fact, here. Even though the weather is still great for lots of outdoor play, with Halloween just around the corner, we thought some fun fall craft ideas would be a great change of pace for you nannies out there.

Our first craft, from, uses items that may already be found in your home, however, it’s always fun to have an excuse to take a trip to Michael’s craft store, even though sometimes bringing the little ones along makes it a longer outing than you really want it to be!

Martha Stewart online is a great resource for kid (and adult!) crafts that are chic enough to display with your other fall decorations (side note: we love what Pottery Barn has to offer this year).

This Pumpkin Bird Feeder craft is simple and easy for little hands to help with:

Pumpkin Bird Feeder

1, 3-5 pound pumpkin
4 or 5 small twigs about 1.5 cm in diameter (strong enough to hold a 2-3 ounce bird)
Small handful of pumpkin seeds
About 4 feet of twine
Wild bird seed
Large thumbtack or nail with large head

Step 1:
Cut pumpkin in half; scoop out meat, leaving a ½-inch thick wall.

Step 2:
Cut a ½-inch deep groove in the rim for pumpkin seeds. Push pumpkin seeds in groove all the way around the rim of pumpkin creating a “fence”.

Step 3:
For perches, poke holes with a large nail about halfway up side of pumpkin and insert twigs.

Step 4: To hang, knot four, 1-foot in length pieces of twine together at the top and bottom. Slide pumpkin inside the four pieces of twine and secure one knot at the bottom with a thumbtack or nail.

Step 5: Fill with birdseed and hang near a window. Enjoy bird-watching!


Our next craft comes from and is easy for even toddlers to do; this craft is great because it can be easily catered to a wide range of ages.


3 large Lego pieces
Brown, yellow, and orange washable paint
White and brown craft paper

Step 1:
Put three globs of paint on a paper plate and let the kids dip their Legos in it.

Step 2:
Tell them to press hard against the white paper to make a print. They should cover the whole paper or at least a good portion of it.


Step 3:
Once paint is completely dry, cut out two corn shapes from the paper. Use brown construction paper and cut six leaf-looking shapes.

Step 4: Fold leaves into accordions and then unfold, so they have a 3D look to them. Use three leaves for each piece of corn and glue them to the back of the tops of the corn. Voilà!